Send Your Kids to Bed With an Adventure by Reading a Great Children's Book

BUY BOOK 1: The drapkin kids in dreamland


In the first book of the Matchbox Dreams series, we are introduced to the Drapkin Children, Titus, Constance, and Evie along with their Dreamland friends, Harper, Remy, and Millie and are immediately drawn into their wild adventures.

Whether they are crashing a birthday party, sailing pirate ships, or being chased by a group of treasure greedy dogs, this group keeps the adventures going page after page. 

This book contains 20 stories that are about 10 minutes in length. The goal is that every night before your child goes to sleep, they are read a story to help kick-start their dreams. Bedtimes become a breeze since your child can pick up their dream where the story left off!

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