Send Your Kids to Bed With an Adventure by Reading a Great Children's Book

Douglas Schwartz

Douglas graduated with a degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Mass Communication. He currently resides in Northern California and writes stories, inspired by the tales he used to tell his daughters during their childhood. 

He would create stories that centered around a character called Mr. Hamster. Each night Mr. Hamster would find himself in a new adventure. These adventures, made up on the spot, would give his daughters something to feed their imaginations and dreams, helping them sleep nightmare free. 

These bedtime stories would help them start to imagine an adventure which would frequently carry on into dream time. Now, with his daughters grown up, and each with three children, he has been enlisted again to start creating stories to be read to their children. Most parenting books stress the importance of reading to children before bed. 

Douglas decided to build the first series of children's books adventures around cute vintage mice, Harper, Remy and the latest addition, Millie. These fun-loving mice will become an important part of your child’s memories and will hopefully survive to be handed down to their children, not only as collectible toys, but as little friends for life. 

Douglas plans to travel and along the way, he will develop new books in 20 chapter installments that will be available for download on your Kindle reader or you can purchase a printed copy.