Send Your Kids to Bed With an Adventure by Reading a Great Children's Book


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What is Matchbox Dreams?

Through our stories, we hope to give your child a head-start on what to dream about. All they have to do is lie down and continue the adventure in their dreams. 

The first kids book, The Drapkin Kids in Dreamland, is a series of 20 short stories. Don’t worry, the adventures don’t end there because a new book will be available every few months. The first series of stories are built around two incredibly adorable mice called Harper and Remy. Later in the book, Millie will join in. These unique plush mice, available on, are the guides to a magical Dreamland where new adventures await every corner. 

Each night Harper, Remy and Millie come alive through the short stories. Each story is designed to be about 10 minutes long, and only one story should be read at a time. For added fun, have your child act out the story with the toy mice.  

Going to bed smoothly is a task that many kids struggle with. We recognize this so we’ve made it our goal to ease bedtime struggles. Getting your child into a consistent nighttime routine is critical and has many benefits. There have been multiple studies done which look at how sleep affects children. An article from mentions a British study that looked at the sleeping patterns of children between the ages of 3-7. They found links between consistent bedtime and positive behavior. They also found that irregular bedtimes interrupt a child’s circadian rhythm, which then affects the mental and physical function of a child. We believe our stories will encourage kids to fall asleep, excited by the fact that they can continue the adventures in Dreamland.

It’s easy to fall in love with the characters and adventures that take place in Dreamland. From puppies to squirrels, to treasure greedy dogs, we hope your child has as much fun listening to the stories as we did writing them! Even Young Adults with like reading this book. So whether you  are looking for children's books or young adult books, Matchbox Dreams is perfect for both age groups.

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